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Comfort of living in the house and apartmentSolutions which support your workEffective and pleasant home workEnsuring safety and peace of seniorsRemote access management and media control
I like comfort, at the same time I care about environment. I don’t want to keep turning off the lights or worry that something will happen when we’re off.I want my company to stand out on the market, attract the best employees and let customers find our offer easilyWe want to work at home more comfortably than at the office, with our favorite coffee, a fast printer and wifi, laying on the sofaI want my parents to live comfortably and safely, being able to ask us or our neighbours for help at any timeI rent a flat and want to know how it is used, but don’t want to visit it too often without a need
• Remote access
• Smart locks
• Heating automation
• Cameras and motion sensors
• CO, water, gas sensors
• Notifications
• Light control
• Ergonomic workspace
• Process improvement
• Offer presentation and advertising
• Teleconferencing systems
• Collaboration tools
• Ergonomic workplace
• Fast Wi-Fi
• Comfortable lighting
• Personalized equipment
• Remote contact with colleagues
• Conditions monitoring
• Health sensors
• Gas, water, CO sensors
• Remote on and off of valves
• Monitoring cameras
• „Red button” to call for help
• Smart locks
• Smart doorbells
• Heating control
• Power consumption control
• Entrance control
• Flood, fire and other sensors
Today’s world is  a world of integrations. We want all devices to work together – with no wires.

You want all devices to talk to each other – we help you to integrate them

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